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The courses I taught at University of Bahrain were basically developed by me. At the University of Bahrain I taught: Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics. Hydrology, Hydraulics and Marine Structures, Groundwater and Irrigation Engineering courses at the B.Sc. levels. Just for one semester I taught Water Supply and Drainage course to Associate Diploma students. At the M.Sc. level I taught Ground Water Engineering and Advance Open Channel Flow courses. At Aligarh Muslim University I taught similar courses at undergraduate and Graduate levels. Additionally, I also taught there Strength of Materials, and Building Materials and Construction courses. At University of Alfateh, Tripoli, Libya and at King Saud University, Riyadh I taught all Hydraulics and Water related courses, and a course on Sediment Transport at the undergraduate level.  I supervised large number of Senior Projects, three M.Sc. theses and one  Ph.D. thesis in collaboration with University of Paisley, UK.

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